Wednesday, February 16, 2011

System Unbalanced

When the valance unfurls its treasure for the world to view,
And the blinds travel to a horizontal, restless place
The sickness quarters and the drapes are drawing,
Shivering and shaking you grow weak,
A fever forms and the mind gets meek,
Your skin is flushed and your voice void of pitch and tone,
As the pain caresses all the bones

Having the knowledge,
And not believing the data,
Makes you distrusting,
Seeing the outcome prior to the forecast
Yet still denying what you know,
Paints a portrait of a person I cannot feel sorry for,

Breathing slowly while your pulse is fast,
A compression to the chest and ribs,
Uncovers evil in unrest,
Glowing demons taking form,
Bathing the air in its sick,
You dare not speak, won’t even try,

Tomorrow and each day after, this illness will fade,
Bringing you one step closer, closer to your normal pains

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