Sunday, February 20, 2011

Along came an Angel

Along Came an Angel
An Angel stood before me, and didn’t speak a word,
As beautiful as she was, I sensed her equally disturbed,
Reaching out, palm open, I only sought a touch,
But before our fingers paused,
She disappeared, seemingly into dust,
An Angel stood before me,
Perfection to a word, silent and statuesque,
Her face was ever changing, morphing to and from, all the girls I’ve ever loved,
 As if these wings would span, I tried my best,
The harps song drained, a melody took its’ place,

An Angel stands before me, half bent, bloodied from the side,
Her arms they called to me, as tears cascaded from above,
I went to her gently then, shielding her eyes from tufts stained red,
She didn’t speak or cry, not a word was said,
Teardrops told the story all the same,
Her lips she put a finger to, her other to my face,
 As if comforting me was her only aim,

I held her close, the only thing I could do,
 Shame formed inside, as peace passed through,
Sweetly she spoke my name, smiling she offered an apology,
 As she slipped away, disappeared out of sight,
Yet a feather she left behind, of which I think of her from time to time

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