Friday, February 11, 2011

Follow me, the leader

Follow me.
Come, come follow me
To where I do not know for sure,
But to plot this now,
I feel would be all too premature,

I’m a leader, a born instructor,
I have so very much to offer,
 Leagues of knowledge here to lend
And a variety of experience to proffer too,
Combined together, a benefactor you’ll become,

If you need to see credentials, ask and you shall hear,
 Nuggets of wisdom mixed with philosophical treasures,
A resume that boasts of educational endeavor,
But none of this tells can wholly tell every detail,

I’ve been on top, and at the bottom,
I’ve finished first, and trailed the pack,
A myriad of possibilities are alive to share,
From single story to double wide, paperbacks to leather bound,
A definitive beginning, middles and an end,
All I beg t of you, is the same consideration any script pursues,
Whether playing in the cinema or the stage or for the manuscript bound for printed page,
Veritable suspensions of your disbelief, with a sprinkling of belief, are the only things I’ll ever need

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