Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Shadows Execution

Amidst violent winds
And scattered showers
The cold meets the singe of flesh
To some it simmers,
To others scold,
Fanning in the same manner it flames out,

Thrashing waves of corruption come
Bearing down a decreasing sun,
The heat awaits the frost bite of the soul
For some it will freeze and blister,
 For others it may numb and paralyze,
A blizzard burns the same way it cools,

You may be aware of the reasons for,
You may not know the meanings of,
Of these questions you ponder
You are not alone

Within a shroud of banality
An image returns from the bowels below,
A shadows rise,
A shadows fall,
 Contingent upon the light the dark provides
Independent and combined, shadows die as quickly as they grow.

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