Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In Rapt

As the curdling continues,
 I wrench within for
A cup of persistence cloistered in a tumbler of gin,
Finalizing the curt to-dos, nodding, molar holding lip in check,
Do not look disinterested or mince definitions,
Lest the agony may trudge in territory undesired,
An Explanation, Explaining Exclamations
Elaborate rebuttals, endless confrontations,
Quiet, I’ve learned is more than a state
It’s a mean towards an end,
As the decibels soar above the gradient
The blood grows violent, spitting and coughing, gurgling within
Cascades and episodic calls to action, writhing for release,
The stomach falters in tone and velocity, temperament grows blatant
Like an alligator, tugged by the tail, snapping jaw between the thrashes
Then the door does close, quickly bolt fastened where heads could turn,
Boots distance themselves away, eyes watch intent, for dread I was too obvious,
Whether the feet are shuffling, stomping or simply plodding along,
I don’t discern such trite affairs, only that they continue in that direction.
As my eyes observe the departure keenly, something awful I do dread,
For fear of pirouette, to see the axis spin in pretend,
Ignites chilling transistors that the flesh from spine than bone,  
Pity, I pray, have it so, upon this tired, wretched, solitary soul,
Do not recant the vows you’ve made, do not reposit , do only, disengage.

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