Monday, February 21, 2011

Wretched, Beloved

I never was,
I could not be,
Meandering in a bloodless flow,
What’s obscure for you, is clarity to me,

This woman would not let this go,
Quietly I refute each advance,
Yet she forced upon me a recant,

Persistence is a pestilence to the uninitiated,
And its vaccine firmly rests upon her lips,
 Ever obstacle, every stage,
I could not avoid,
Impossible to evade,
This wretched, beloved,
Intent on saving me,

I hate this, countless regressions, dispossessions of
Powerless ambivalence,
I love her, each day more than the one before,
Succumbed to this portent rising, an impetus
I still don’t have an answer to,
A question I’ve lost long ago.

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