Monday, November 21, 2011


As the card is the devil
Whose rule
Spans through
The day Christ was born

Driven by ambition
A world of education
Streams forth
As a product of ones

You feel the responsibility
To yourself
To others
To be the best your potential sees
Yet not to abuse the path
You’re driven by your goals
But not for risk of future’s looking back

A gambler best not wager against
The Capricorn on quest

The scales of justice shine
Yet reflect up off the Goats
Able chest

The dogged persistence
Is their charm
The amulet that orders day
And outlines each the other

A serious demeanor
                           (to those unknowing)
A wicked humor
                           (to those who know)

Able to wield power
In such the way
Where inert loneliness
Falls aside

                                    YET ONE ANOTHER IS IN NEED
                                    WHEN ILL WILL APPEARS SUCCEED
                                    STAND BACK CAPRICORN CANNOT
                                    FOR INJUSTICE NAUSEATES THEM FAST
                                    AND TO RIGHT THE SCALES THEY MUST AMEND

Despite a drive like non-other
Side effects may purge the stable
A mean spirit may inch through
A cloud of dissatisfaction may often blow
As the chords of confidence fray
Along the driven path they pave
Until the mountain peak they’ve made

Insight as unwelcomed gift
Bears witness to the pain it forms
For vision truly can
Instill a dark price
A price the just must pay

Dependable is the shadow of
The honest lover,
Comfortable to those—
 it knows only affection for,
to which there is nothing
they would not do,
to protect their sacred
object of view

Solid fulfillment of the connective need
Is a requirement they must make
Yet deliberation may postpone their heart
Until the partner waits longer naught

They may cast an air of silent yet strong
But attention they need
As they feed
Off helping those who seek their advice

Fresh air
Music found

Each note becomes
The passion
The Capricorn
For harmony
Live without.


  1. I guess if any annoy me this one would the most, just because it is pretty much winter's ghost. Starting as winter dawns and loving those oh so snowy lawns. So if that is harmony they can keep that, not at all liked by the cat. But I still will not bet on their quest, as they can surely get through winters test. Although too much ambition may not be good, get blindsided by a snow plow they could and that ends my little diddy hopefully I didn't offend that old Capricorn bitty, as I hear she can be mean and cause quite the scene..haha

  2. Another wonderful installment in the series. I have three close Capricorn friends and some of this rings too true, especially the preoccupation with justice. I like the combination of irony and unbound, it's a great introduction that sets the tone so well. 'Where inert loneliness/Falls aside' struck me as did 'Insight as unwelcomed gift/Bears witness to the pain it forms'. As a side note what kind of woman doesn't love poetry?

  3. while a leo i may have a bit of capricorn as i feel the same regarding injustice...i dunno i might get along just fine with them...smiles...

  4. I had this impression that capricorns are stubborn and overly determined at times to have things their way and refuse to bend or compromise. Perhaps they do it to keep the harmony they want so much as suggested in this poem. I don't know many capricorns, have worked with one and that didn't go well...

  5. Hey Pat! I'm a Capricorn biddy! :) And I must say, dear Fred...I love your take much better than any of the astrology reports I've been suckered into! :) LOVED this!!!

  6. Very cool write. You definitely nailed Capricorn.

  7. Thanks, glad you all enjoyed the piece. Just so everyone knows, I'm not coming up with all the traits myself. I hope I didn't give that impression. God that would take way more time analyzing and so forth. What I do is I have a whole bunch of astrology resources, mainly 2 books though and just see what's there to make a collage. Really glad you all enjoyed it, and Tash, really love your comment, when I hear from someone in the individual sign, it really helps me out to see how I'm doing. Really glad you enjoyed it.

    In reading through all these signs I've noticed there is a lot of traits within each that others share as well. Thanks for pointing this really important notion out Brian, it really was so obvious as far as human nature goes, but sometimes things like that are invisible, especially to me:) Totally went over my head through the research so far but totally true.

    And finally the thing I'm finding to be the most strange so far is how dead on many of the ideas in these books are about each sign, I know that was the case for my own. It's amazing how these traits just seem to be universal in some respect to each sign member. Which growing up I was always taught, "oh no astrology is evil and so forth" I just find it really fascinating. Glad you're all enjoying the series so far.

    Don't know when I'll get to the next one, hopefully one a week happens that would be good I think. Anyhow, thanks again.