Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Ravaging of the Caravan

I awoke to a single calm
I bled fast until the ring was gone
Traffic patterns
Of triumvirate’s wail
In pastel, my inner river floods—
To harmonize the many hours spent,
Amidst enchantment’s bell

Ravenously bleeds,
Lost in the moments, in the while spent,
When I left to relieve the most basic of needs,
Left to curtail, the spurring ache
That continuously writhes in me

As I followed the steps I’d made
Back to the coven of my peers
Brushing back the pine that sways
Unlocked the key, and swiftly in slow-motion,
The gates closed behind me—
Opening a passageway,
To some demonized reality


  1. This one made me think of getting stuck in traffic on the way to work. Sitting there watching the clock tick away as we all head towards the mundane crappy work day, bringing us a little closer to death each time, oh the dismay..haha

  2. yeah those passages...but not only work passages but passages in general..they are everywhere..bringing us from one point in life to the next...from one corner of our soul to the next..and maybe lots more..the bleeding..the patterns..traffic patterns in your case just read about my patterns..those in the eyes..

  3. probably the best 'going to take a piss' poem i have read...smiles....coming back and finding reality demonized yikes....