Saturday, November 5, 2011


I don't know what happened to yesterday. The day disappeared and then today began.  Anyhow I'll post a few today, and will be making my rounds as well.  Thanks.


A soft, whence fall’s
Smolder dance

Ember’s sparkling ambiance
Beckons warming

Blount care taken,
Consistency of flame’s altered

Spatial cloud’s comingled trace,
Merging each the shift, of aural
And tactile space—

Blankets coddle knees pressed high
Wiggled digits peak beneath veil’s

Eyelids shade to flicker’s light
As lips expand fascia’s rosy,
Dimpled cheek—

One solitary source of warmth
Dwarfed by solidarity of loving

Communication of mythic lore
Without a word spent tween’ the two
In harmony

The heart persists long past fire quells
Where darkness lays fractured
From embrace’s illuminating spell 


  1. Well Fred, the gentle hope that emanates from your beautiful poem creates a fire for the reader. As the season leads us to winter (already arrived here) it is enticing to focus on the transforming heat of the hearth's (heart's) fire rather than the icy world. The veil lifts and gives a glimpse of possibility. The second to last stanza is gorgeous, the harmony what all lovers desire. The final stanza brought to mind the movie Howl's Moving Castle. It's about a wizard beholden to a fire demon and a woman who has a spell cast on her by a jealous witch. Do you know it? If not I don't want to spoil anything by telling you how the stories and your poem entwined in my mind. Affecting poetry as ever, you delight and amaze me.

  2. Awwww all nice and touchy feely today, literally. haha is a great feeling though not having to say a word yet so much is going on between the two, well said.

  3. Anna thanks, great interpretation. I've never seen that movie and that is an oddity in itself, as I seem to see almost everything that comes out. Will definitely have to check it out.

    Pat, thanks, a bit, it just came to me so I wrote it up. Glad you enjoyed the piece.

    Sorry for the delay in responding, I've had time challenges lately-lol and just caught that I missed these, probably are others as well. Will try to get to them as well. Thanks again