Saturday, November 19, 2011

Outtake From The Block Files (Every Yet To Dream)

While dealing with my Writer's Block Stint, I wrote a whole many poems that just weren't up to snuff.  So I thought, seeing there really was a lot of these scraps laying around, that I should retool as many as I could, and so I created this Outtake From The Block Files.  This is the first.  The original was about 5 pages long, mainly prose.  Obviously you can tell there was a ton discarded.  Anyhow, here's the first of this series, one which I'll add to as I find the time to go through all that remains.

A painted archway above the seams
Speaks the story in mind for me
Dry as blank canvas,
Begging for light

To breathe

To wade
Without sanction

To immerse memory
With visions to come

Serendipity lives
Within every passage

Within every yet to dream 


  1. oh this is nice..the painted archway, the wading..and the original was 5 pages long..? wow - so you cut quite a bit..smiles..
    usually i write my poems where ever on my iPhone, just without line breaks and correct grammar and spelling, just as they come..sometimes with some german words in between because i don't know the english word right now..and when i'm home, i re-read and sort and take out that pair of scissors as well..smiles

  2. is the thing...even when under the block write every may scavenge a line later...this actually turned out well fred...keep dreaming

  3. A fortunate accident, at least something can come from a brain fart, when ones muse goes on a shopping spree at Wal-mart. Looks like the blank canvas got a little color thrown on it at least.

  4. Sorry I couldn't comment on this earlier I had to run out the door. This is really beautiful work Fred. I look forward to more outtakes :).