Sunday, November 20, 2011

Outtake from the Block File( Violet Fringes)

A deluge
Of separation

The substructure
Of the beam

         An ascot
         Skitters neck

                  An orange
                  And the preconception
                           Of impossible rhyme
Yet scarlet
Though it seems

Violet                           Swiftly                          Tears
         Fringes                         Trading                        Immeasurably

A heart-oft hollowed-hulled by dream

 This piece is new, yet many of the words in here appeared in randomness upon the various scraps of discard.  I simply chose to combine these, with a few additions, and this is what I got.  The violet fringes snaking text is as written in the discard file.  Thanks.


  1. What a magnificent concatenation of discarded lines and shaping additions, poetic in its bones.

  2. Really cool. Love the orange stanza.

  3. Impossible rhyme, bah no such thing with my chime. Unless you're a mime, then you my be excused for a time. But if you keep it up, the cat will tip over your collection cup...haha..just where the mind went, don't get bent..haha