Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Little Goblin

Thirteen Months ago I was in a most precarious place.  Instability seemed  omnipresent.  All escape tunnels were filled, with gravel and debris, preventing light's healing touch from shining upon me.

Then a sparkle altered course.  It wasn't something out of the blue, but for nine months we all prayed for the safe delivery of her.  Yet, despite the knowledge well immersed, I never could have understood the power in those tiny eyes and hands.

A transformation overcame me that day.  No longer was I looking for a light to shine my way.  I still was lost, still am this day, this minute of this hour, yet since that moment her first cries did sound, I knew I had a reason to continue treading upon this broken ground.

Never was I near that point, but one never knows how far the psyche could one day choose to sink.  Yet all depression lifts my mind, each time I see this baby shine.  

She clamors for attention when you're not there, she screams when searching for a toy that's disappeared.  She's yet to speak comprehensible words, but somehow her language is completely understood.

She points, she claps, she plays peek-a-boo through the mesh of the pack-n-play.   She giggles over the silliest things that comes by her way.  

She's yet to learn the worldly scourges that surround, of which I won't be the first to make that information found.  She knows not of ill will or how money can lead a world astray.  She's just content to be what she knows herself to be, an entity that learns a little more about herself each day.

My eyes light up when she gets excited, as she finally is able to take two steps without guidance.  She loves the cats and dogs, shrilling with such the smile, each time they come into view, yet we must be careful not to let her get too close, for she knows not yet the angst a rip of hair can cause the pets.  She has yet to understand that she can hurt, that she can be hurt.  I love that open, carefree nature that we, as a species seem to lose, someplace between infancy and adolescence.  So savor these moments I hope she does.  

She loves her bottle, and puts us all in place, when feeding time is seconds past the time it has been for most her days.  

She hasn't found a food she doesn't love to eat, which seems about right, yet this child will devour all even peas and beets.

She loves her little dog, the stuffed one with the rainbow spots.  She loves the little bear with her name upon its smock.  The green bird that's as big as her, she'll throw her hands out for.

But the Goblin got her name from me.  As she does this thing I can't help but grin right now thinking about.  She'll take her dolls, any will do, she'll hold it with both hands clearly in view.  Zoning out for moments long, she'll slowly bring the doll near her heart.  Then, out of nowhere, she snaps forth her head and bites her lovely dollies head.  

She loves to dance and to sway, and does this each and every day.  I'll sing a song I won't perform now, but she seems to understand the tempo and the beat, as her steps, even at this age, seems to anticipate the tone and verse to come.

I'm not a father, never been.  I'm but an uncle, blessed to have a joy like this.  A joy that for the time she's over the house, I temporarily forget those ills that weigh on me.  

Lucy, my little niece turns 1 year old today.  My sister set up a party we'll all be going to later this afternoon.  I can't wait to see how the little Goblin acts with all those gifts.  She was over last week for my birthday, and I opened up the gift her parents gave, and she could care less about the prize inside, it was the wrapping paper that caught her eyes.  So that should be fun for sure.  But today, her mother is going to let her have her first piece of cake!!!

Here's a few pictures of her from the past 12 months:  
My Mother and Lucy around 1 Mo old.
About 1 month

About 1 month
Week Old
Me and Lucy three mos.
Me and Lucy Three Mos.

4 Mo's

4 Mo's

Lucy in her Pack-N-Play

5 Mo's ?

7 mo's

7 Mo's

10 Mo's

Halloween 11.75 Mo's


  1. Happy Birthday Lucy! That pumpkin picture is too adorable. She's lucky to have such a close extended family.

  2. This is so sweet! She's a little doll. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

  3. Anna/MZ Oh, thanks I will be sure to let her see the comments. She loves the computer, She'll sit on my lap and try to grab the touchpad and keyboard all the time, and when I had angry birds on she laughed all hysterically. Again, i really appreciate the well-wishes and the comments-they mean a lot:)

  4. Such cute pics for sure and I see you rhymed mostly through forever more..haha..Happy Birthday Lucy! Just stay far away from the cat, he tends to scratch..haha

  5. Thanks Pat. I appreciate that. I will let Lucy see the screen, and let her know:) Yes rhyme is great, I rhyme with her all the time, not that she gets it yet, but still. Oh, and she loves the cats, but yeah, they don't seem all that keen on her yet. Poor chloe, the more curious of the two came up to her a few months back and next thing I knew the cat cried and dashed as fast away as she could. The baby was giggling like it was the coolest thing ever, as she held a wad of orange fur in her hand. Lol Thanks again