Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Number of the Beast (Heart/Spirit/Art)

It's another Tuesday, and we all know what that means?  Yep, it's Open Link Night over at  D'Verse, stop on by for some amazing  artistry by all the great poets that submit their work.  And while you're there, share  one of your own.  It's a great time for anyone who likes to write or read poetry.

Moonstones rubbed for inspiration
Platonic solids textures make
As ideation coincides
With the golden section of                               your mind



Silence escapes a nervous void
With a mesmerizing tonal gaze,
Each vowel bends in me,
An enshrinement of consonancy

Before the hallowed harp doth play
I’m hearing sounds of primacy,  
 Voicing visions debasing me, of all I believed I knew.
It’s as if she’d been granted a gifted tongue—
To speak the words of Malachim

Shifting shapes of angles blend to form
As matter, elements and bodies mix

As conversation eclipses time
Mudras vast beset my eyes

As winter nears
For the first in many years
It does appear
That Demeter, before her trip
Made preparations for
7, 8, 9
The universe and its qualities,
The constituents of the world

Knowing what I do know now
The Decad is the first number to need a second part
Ten.  Fingers-Thumbs.
…and so spins the wheel
When you’re near
I feel the meaning of
All the gifts of touch
Provided by
With love.


  1. nice...you've woven quite a few things together here...i like the number count, ending on ten... the first number to need a second part..this is gorgeous... and the wheel spins on..

  2. fascinating fred...love the rather chaotic structure of it...the two stanzas beginning with silence escapes are my fav...great rhyme and word play through there...just rolls off my tongue...

  3. First, it is unlikely on my first pass at your masterwork that I have caught all the intricacies and nuances. However, I will read it again (and again) and surely glean more gold. Second, this may be a long comment :). The title brings the inner demon to mind, along with gematria (which comes up again in the Decad section). Your poem illuminates a talisman of wisdom, freeing the soul from the beast.

    The milky moonstone with its association with the moon, romance, femininity, intuition, dreams, and emotions is the perfect inspiration for your poem. Its healing and calming aspects add layers of meaning to an already rich reference. (aside: The Moonstone by Willkie Collins is my favorite mystery) The appearance of the platonic solids is immense, their aesthetic beauty and symmetry, their perfect forms contribute such imagery. Also, you’ve so cleverly foreshadowed with the geometry the further reference to Pythagoras and the Tetraktys. The process of ideation comes to life and dances in the mind. I’m already gushing here!

    The single word lines contribute space for contemplation and lead us to the Decad. I’m über impressed Fred. The stanza beginning with silence also ties so well into the concept of harmony played out later in the poem. I took a winding path (oh so happily connecting dots to Nystrom’s base 16 (binary system) (sacred 4 squared) with the tonal clock dial – I loved exploring the arithmetic, metrology, and connectivity with the symbolism). ‘An enshrinement of consonancy’ is perfect. Agreement among components indeed!

    A gifted tongue speaking words of angels, wow, you’ve captured love’s entrancing song. The strings sing of the immediacy and primacy convincingly and gorgeously here. The lull of the numbers following the stanza is like a caress.

    The shifting shapes blending with the symbolic, ritualistic gestures promising spiritual release are magnanimous and expertly formed lines. I so enjoyed seeing Demeter here as she appeared in my research on the symbolism of games this morning. Her fertility and harvest so appropriate a salve to the approaching winter. The numbers reaching the end of the arch across the poem bring us to the richest symbol of all, the Decad, the perfect number, mystical symbol, secret worship of the Pythagoreans.

    Here all the dimensions are circumscribed: keyholder of all; tying back to your poem Tetragrammaton; the role in the Tarot; latent being, the godhead; first manifestation, Adam & Eve, Heaven & Earth, Yin & Yang; levels of the world (infernal, terrestrial, and celestial) & the levels of human life (physical, psychic, and spiritual); the manifold nature of the physical universe (4 elements, 4 cardinal points, 4 seasons) all culminating in the created and uncreated universe. A god of harmony presides at the birth of all things!

    It connects to the touch so exquisitely, the possibility that manifests within love to spin the wheel, to become aware of the glory. Incredible is an understatement; you’ve written a supernova.

  4. Claudia, thanks, really glad you enjoyed the piece especially the numbering aspect in here, as it is integral to not only the balance within the piece but it acts as an outlining structure and really helps transition to the majority of symbolic elements within here. So glad you pointed this aspect out

    Brian, thanks, yeah I can see the chaotic aspect, it was supposed to be like a stream of thoughts all concurring, yet never linear based, I guess when I actually think about it, that could be chaos in a nutshell in some respect. Awesome add in there, I love all the well-thought out responses I get, really learn something new, or am able to see my own work in different lights, feeding a new perspective. And to think I haven't even actually submitted the post to OLN as of this reply:)


    Wow, what an amazing read. You really hit on almost every single piece of allusion and symbolism hidden at various depths throughout the piece. I really didn't think anyone would catch the self-referenced allusion at all, that is just too cool. I can't thank you enough for such an amazing comment, really means a lot that you enjoyed what this piece offers, thanks:)

  5. Hey Fred - i was really into your words here dude - the format worked really well for me as the entire idea and collected concepts cascaded
    with craft and cool tone.

    All the gifts of touch
    Provided by

    the sweet depths - i dig this piece

  6. My first read-through seemed to me to be a mighty mystical weaving of biblical, numerological, mythological threads. Then I read Anna's comments and YES! so much in this one Fred. Back to reflect on it again before moving on to others.

  7. I am reading Anna's comments, and whew, what a creative and lovely form. The counting and explosion of love in the end...what more can I say ~

  8. So complex and yet it all seems to make sense from out of chaos. As with all things to do with the universe we humans always want to put things in order for our own need. Maybe we never will. This is so intricate, so deep and yet resonates within me as is it were something I've known before. It's rough yet leads into the smooth.
    A truly fabulous write Fred.

  9. As above so below, lost in the river of time we row...Fred, not sure I can add anything more to what has already been said...BUT! Have you yet been told today YOU ROCK! :) You probably have, but this was mind blowing...

  10. Damn the cat doesn't have enough hot air left to top Anna's comment. She hit every single little thing about your dVerse ring. Truly liked the structure and how you added little things like 7,8,9 as the actual number, just added that much more to the piece, nicely done once more and I think Anna's comment will become something of lore.

  11. Creative and just lovely!
    Well penned, Fred.

  12. Hi Fred

    Great technique and fascinating style.. I liked it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  13. Fred, chaotic write - honestly, it went way over my head but I kept thinking "Anna M. would love this." and then when I read through the comments, sure enough, she did :)