Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, I hope everyone is getting ready for a hopefully pleasant day with friends and family.  I hope everyone is anticipating the feast at hand, some Turkey, of course, sweet potato pie, with marshmallows for sure, some type of vegetable, corn bread or biscuits perhaps, some dressing and all though I can not for it, I know most enjoy their cranberry sauce so I'll included it too.

Anyhow, just whipped this piece up, kind of all over the place, but think I tied it together nicely midway through.  Anyways, enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.

And for those who do not celebrate this holiday, celebrate life in your own way, as one should each and every day, where giving thanks should, of course, accompany.


We hurt the ones we love,
Yet love the ones we hurt

Primal beast within
Suppressed desires clawing out
A variety of intention unearthed

We dream of life
Yet live in dream

We hold high the standards of the day
Yet the days are standards in themselves

We speak with tongues,
When one language would do

Higher the spirit resists its flight
The mightier the pen grows in its might
Holding back, tension mounts
And from here, plots amass in count

Rigid bylines aptly grieve
Over directions too hard to read

Soft in sections, not in all
Yet biology in and of itself,
Has sectioned each of us extremely well,

Back and forth the flag does flow
Under cloudy cover its stars do blow
Flapping frenetic in the wind
Caring little for the air that’s thin
Shining proud all it bears
Caring only for the colors that it wears

Thanksgiving—for so many things
Home, Family, Country, God
Though reign supreme, on this day of giving thanks
As we bow our heads this very day,
Before a table built by man,
And all his many ancestors,
That labored in condition and sacrifice
To make possible,
All the every fruit we share tonight

For all that is, for all that was
For all the futures distant/near,
We pay homage and give thanks
For the gift of living out each day
And relishing in the every incongruity it brings
Those that makes us who we are
Those that show us who we were
Those that show us who we can be

Happy Thanksgiving



  1. oh fred..this really moved me... those that show us who we are, were and can be... so good to have people around who will do just that... yes...lots of things to be thankful for..

  2. we are a cluster of contractions and conundrums arent we...i agree with claudia on the people around us and the impact they can have on our lives...i hope you enjoy a wonderful thanksgiving...we are having a little thanksgiving at dverse here in a bit and this would be perfect...

  3. Claudia, really glad you enjoyed the piece and were moved by it. Awesome compliment right there, thank you:)

    Brian, yeah I meant to get back on line and post this to D'verse's thanksgiving party, but never made it back online until tonight. Hopefully will have something to post tomorrow, can't wait to see the prompt, thanks again

  4. When it comes right down to it, those that show us such things are the ones we truly have to be thankful for, whether it's a cat, a human, even yourself through some circumstance. As sometimes we just never know until we are forced to do something, what we have inside. Great thanksgiving piece, a little different than most but a great thankful boast.