Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A testament to

The Tie or bind
Two as one
Jumping to-
The portamento mark eclipse
All the jagged stops and starts

In homophony—
Impossible to play apart

Most precious slur
Curving arc
Legato lives;
Staccatissimo falls apart  
Pennillions familiar song
Uniquely departing form
In Dulci Jubilo;
Perhaps the intonation here,
Was not clear as clear can be,
In such a method
Intonation appeared
In lyric’s unrehearsed symphony
The Coda
The song of the swan
Graceful yet—
Malinconia’s Sturm und Drang
Frosts wings unflown,

Sul Ponticello (On the Bridge)
Strigendo’s squeezing every inch
Durchkomponiert indeed

For all the complexity
For each the Stimmung tuned
It is bound to be
 Symphoneta ceases polyphonic mastery

In Finale, yet again
I must explain, oft skated
 Frozen ice. (Attaco subito)
Cracks downy sides
Unfurling feathered flight
As disparity drowns,
In Sul Tasto’s warming glove
And we then Know:

“Sumer is Icumen In”


  1. I enjoy how you use counterpoint at the beginning and come full circle at the end with Summer is Coming In. I especially loved the use of portamento. In 32 years of music I don't remember coming across quodlibet or Durchkomponiert so I am immensely grateful for the introduction. The poem brings melodies to life; the combination of the sounds of the words read aloud entwining with the ring of their musical connotation creates new harmonies. The journey through the defenses, the turbulence and urgency of melancholy is particularly touching. You have expertly set the stimmung of the piece. Bravissimo, tu sei un dono del cielo.

  2. Durchkomponiert never even heard a resemblance to that. I thought you were making stuff up there for a second but good old google showed me the way. That's an interesting phrase too, changing the melodies for each verse. A fascinating web your weave, bah I'll keep rhyming, not changing it up so no Durchkomponiert I will leave..haha

  3. Had to google search many of these musical terms as they are unfamiliar and new to me. It's interesting how you assembled them in a cast, with interesting personalities, such life. It seems rather elegant how they interact or interplay with each other in the poem. Anything that does not come together in harmony supposedly cannot last. A suggestion of cycles in the end. Am very glad to have read this poem and for the new discoveries.