Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If Poetry Could Take A Form

I.       Antiphon
There comes a point in time, when man must accept his limitations, and proceed to take one step before the next, over mortal boundaries, unto sacred earth.

Saturn watched
Paradox of one
Ra gazed
Incandescence unto one

Mercury observed
Confection baked for one
Hypnagogic ambience was but a vale away
When a Psychopomp gestured capaciously

Amaurotic visions darkened blur.
Grew typhlotic as distance stirred

Cays of dryads peak to view
As a Simurgh came to me,
Instructing I wake,
Believing what’s felt despite unseen

A merger, spanning time and space,
Unearthed wonder, as an angel
Saw a gateway to Utopia,
Deep beneath the flaws and scars

Every word, every page
The emotions, the tides
Shifting shape and size

Disbelief dragged its chain
But a pinch gently reminded
Of the reality in possibilities

Astonished, stunned
That reciprocation was alive,
That the first words of chapters new,
Had been scribed; are focusing

Yet fear—
Reincarnates failures past,
Reinforces each my lacks
That words so real
Must have been spoken
Erroneously still

This is when
Garuda came
And spoke to me
Of you.

II. Concomitance

Is it possible for the purities of spirit to instinctively demand, those unlikely origins to isochronally clasp each the other apparition by their hand?

Can the synchronal ideations be cast aside, as simply the spawn of chance and eyes?

Or can a case for fate be made, where kismet is positioned as a postulate, therefore enabling dissemination’s spread, promulgating providential bliss?

III.    Elusory of Preallusion

Divinity’s dominion, sovereign’s soul, dictates prescience as the commodities of pagan pageantry.  Yet, as I’ve always pondered, how one can blindly agree to things they cannot know.  How can one discard the possibility of oracles?  I believe in us all, lays dormant, a sense of the mystical, in which the governance is only as limiting as the mind will permit upon its own capacity.  Everyone experiences scenarios, scenes, where definition will not suffice, where explanation is as impossible to describe. 

Leading towards my own awakening,
I began to see, something positive
Should arrive, through the poetical
side of self.  A premonition, prior to 
those initial words, instructed that
circumstance will alter and happiness
shall return, to covet me completely.
And so the creation of the poetical psyche was born
An infinite quester was upon a search, for the elusive grail of verse.  Directionless it wandered, dimensions vast and wide, spreading declarations of imagery, to any and all who would listen, yet still, even after its voice grew heard, emptiness pervaded verb.  Wander more the spirit would, until through thoroughfare its feet would arrive, upon a palace, where the electricity of the flesh, sparked, as if this feeling it had never lost.  Alive it grew, understood the premonition, perhaps was not for inspiring the happiness of others, but for a joy to burgeon back within.

Hours would be spent, in contemplation of each term, the puzzles that the mind creates, the ideology of mystic space.  Soon thereafter the psyche knew, it no longer had to stifle muse, and like its favorite pet, the phoenix of the sky, the psyche fell that night, purged of all it held to know, the form once taken grew ablaze, and quickly each flame was snuffed to grave.  But for a moment, formless-in void, the spirit was reborn; now limitless is the extent of its poetry.

Time would blur the days from day, the hours from hour, the minutes away.  Eventually it knew what must be done, it must thank his muse, his source of inspiration.  And so, this is, exactly what the psyche did.  Yet, little did it know back then, the inspiration would become its friend, and teach together each they would, of the every possibility in life through verse.

Sand would sift, as it does, yet, one must wonder, where the course preplanned, would direct.  Reading pages from each corner the world, the psyche learned much, understood in ways it had since forgot.  Yet in the palace he would see, words distinct, as if each was patterned directly from the breath it breathed.  It wouldn’t walk too far the plank, yet to acknowledge such would be to take, a piece away, from his belief in poetry.  But he’d learn, his imagination, was in tune.

Now everyday the psyche floats on air.  Seeing signs spring from everywhere.  On packages of chocolate bars, atop an old poster for a Jodi Foster film, from a man, calling to his daughter, misbehaving, in the grocery lane, to a scary movie star, it now only sees its muse face.  But strange as it may seem, in play of words, no longer does it see her there, instead it rearranges each word round, and in subtle combinations of space and sound, it now sees itself as within found.

IV.  Every Good Play, Must Have A Song

Ivory keys turn in note; sparkling symphonic tones it wrote, higher than a cloud above, the music stirs emotive flow:

I’d like to wear you like a talisman
To keep me safe from harm

Hold you to my heart
Listen as the words sway
To elocution’s presence found

I’d like to hide you in an amulet
Protect me from myself

Hold you, upon my heart
As the hours sift along
To that lonely spot,
But with you near,
This distortion,
Will never reappear

I want to wear you like agate
And fall asleep within your milky gaze
While your chalcedonic curves
Elicit the colored bands they make

V.  Arousal, In the Land of Hades

Days split
And the dreams
The poppy instills

Every instance
All fragments of
Traverse the numb

Every, each
Thought here now
Arouses consciousness
Of self.

The poetry of life
Is omnipresent
If only we all choose to look

The poetry of tomorrow
Resides, in part,
With the decisions we make today

The poetry of the long ago
Sure, it will echo,
Yet only if you allow it in

The poetry of the soul
Is always on
Awake or sleep,
It may be quiet
Yet if you listen
You’ll hear it speak.

Seemingly, since this poetry grew, from ghost-like fantasy, to a befriended reality, I’m aroused always and evermore.

If poetry could truly take a form…


  1. wow...your 0poetry takes many forms throughout...this could be a thesis statement, though i like the dance through the philosophical...the poeetry of life is always present though it may not be very pretty at times...

  2. Fred, this poem is a gorgeous ode to your muse, a revivication, a profoundly affecting love poem to poetry, full of symbols, questioning, promise, and questing, I love it. Obviously I hope there’s a case for fate, for promulgating providential bliss, synchronicity, awakening, a phoenix in the poetical psyche with power to uplift the embodied man, a man enlivened by signs leading him to life. The whole of section IV is like a bell calling the spirit to Eros. The ‘poetry of life’ is like a mantra, the ‘poetry of the soul’ an elixir. Stellar work full of philosophical inquiries, mythic possibilities, and dare I say joy.

  3. One gains insight into your processes reading this latest masterpiece -- I always admire how you effortlessly intertwine prose and poem, speaking and then breaking into song.

    Where does the poetry spirit come from and how is it able to cause one to see into a seemingly different dimension or turn an object that one sees a different side of it. An awakening to a sort of awareness.

    Part III -- really enjoyed it because you seem to be sharing a little of how you got into the art. Last paragraph of III seems to be referring to the final transformation where the resulting poem that comes from catching insight from nearly everything one sees, relating to self and reflects self.

    Part IV -- beautiful, joy. A love song. Cherishing.

    Part V -- attempt at conclusion that poetry is something that simply is, something that is reached or drawn from, rather than something that is created. External and internal. Dynamic. What form? everything perhaps.


  4. Really glad you got to catch this, probably should have posted this on d'verse, kind of got lost. I really like process and tried my best to transform it into a tale of its own. Really glad you all seem to enjoy it. I appreciate the feedback, really well-thought and awesome to read. Thanks again