Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Contaminant (New Stream)

Contamination #3

Exit strategy, stage right
all my life
Walk the door
Out the trap
into Heaven's gate
New Jersey
Exit next

Catastrophe # 9
Validation bits
In halves
Meal done
It's on the table
So proud
I find out

Anyhow, I didn't really have anything new to write today, am working on the next Zodiac piece as I am a Floriography piece and a few other pieces.  So until I get these done I'll post some quick stream of consciousness pieces, unless of course something else forces me to write it first:) 


  1. catastrophe # 9

    haha that says enough right on the good meal allergies least it was before she swole up

  2. You have the streaming touch, but aren't at all touchy, touche..haha...speaking of allergies, my cat either has one or dry skin and the dumby won't stop biting her paw with her ocd..geez...cats..haha

  3. Spam comment I just received: 'Dead written articles, appreciate it for entropy.' I thought you might get a kick out of it, oddest one I've ever seen :0. Oh and by terrible joke on Seppuku I meant groan funny not horrible joke. Glad I caught the logical inconsistency of the ‘Neophyte’ album (knew there was a backstory :)).

    I like the numbering here like the narrator is claiming some power through order. I felt bad for the cook at end of Catastrophe but what was I expecting! I'm looking forward to the next Zodiac piece and especially one on Floriography, intriguing. Thank you for your kindness regarding my highly personal poem.

  4. Brian, thanks, glad you enjoyed the piece.

    Pat, my dog TOby eats away at his paws all the time this time of the year, it is an allergy and they give him a shot and then some pills, which has done the job every year so far.

    ANna, that spam is great:) Definitely an odd one, and I notice those things all the time. Pat wrote a piece along this lines back a month or so ago, really funny.

    Making the final touches on the Zodiac Piece right now actually and should be up in a bit. I never heard of Floriography until last week and since I've read up a ton on it and it's so cool. I look forward to finishing this piece up as well, should be pretty colorful:)

    With Stream poems I like them because they are so conduit in nature, yet they are tough for me to interpret for myself, for the ones I do, as I really didn't have any conscious thought process going into developing it, which is also neat, as everything is open to interpretation:) Thanks