Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Verdict A-Pox-Be

Steel charisma broken free
Congregate amongst
A gaggling of sums

If hope concludes prior to verdict,
Does eternity rest entirely?

Upon such darkened days,
 A judge, man, pretender, garbed in silk—
 Unveils judgments, predicated by mortal law,
As spoken by a chorus of peers

Crowds, the stimulus deprived, crash-watchers
Merge with the anti, all in the name of show
Beneath the guise of justice,
Saunter stands in arrival formation,
Gathering amongst their sects,

There, at such time,
Outside the courthouse—
Beneath its steps,
Chants spew forth—
And the names of the devoutly fallen,
Echo, well prior to any announcement
or final rendering, promoting the semblance
of relation, where deities easily strike a similarity of fear through
Transformation as evinced from bolts flung from clouded cover

In such episodes of regression,
Fate appears predetermined,
Perhaps a cyclicality of prophecy
Shall flood the mental indices

So easily man casts man
Under condemnable outlines
Skirts of what once Is

The color of blood stirring under flesh
Means nothing
The accuracy of ruling is secondary
To the corralling of public sentiment
For the face of the betrayed
Shall eventually watch his last hours dwindle past
Shall eventually see that last mile strolled
Until the color of blood stirring under flesh
Mingles with serum made by flesh
Thus ending any visual reminder
Of the judgments we once crawled begging for

Justice and her scales
May as well reconstruct the garden labyrinth
I’d assume the beast found there
Will lend much more just an ear


  1. Love the title, don't know why exactly but it just sorta hit me or something. The pretender remark was awesome too, that's just what most are in the legal world and most of those types of circles for that matter. Not to mention I like that show too, but that's a whole different thing..haha. And yeah the scales to be all tipped one way, to those that can pay!

  2. wow particularly fond of that last stanza...about halfway through with the names being read on the steps i was thinking an homage to all souls days...still could be...

  3. Such a neat flow of words, many which hit you in the gut ...

  4. A powerful piece, and I happen to entirely agree.

  5. Money is the new God, everyone worships it. There is no law for the rich (it seems) or, very few.