Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Fractured, little lamb
Splint still slipping
Yet all vocality has been shut down

Having watched your child
Harvested in such a manner
And being powerless to render any semblance of support
Sheepish remark

And so, grazing the fields
ne'er felt the same
As only eyes could affix
to barbs and those
crabapple bearing trees
amidst the alternating greenish hues beneath

And the farmers dog, black and white stubby tailed creature that it is, prances the prairie in tormenting tease as the ferry noise infiltrates the serenity the sheep here keep

All was fine
All was the way it always had been
Ignorance, the pond-elixir to the damnably stupid

All was even
As the odds ever were
Those businessmen
polishing their gold canes and shiny wheels a riding

Somewhere in that ballast
Understanding came to me
where I learned the value of a friend
A child
A mate
Where I learned was not meant for mutilation
yet always it comes to that, always right?

Knowledge damaged everything
And so,
When the yard is empty
and the cows have all been fed
I shall slink past the owl--
and into the barbs I shall go--
Entangled till
All segments of intelligence
will have been stifled too

It's tuesday once again and my friend Brian Miller is tending the bar over at D'Verse for tonight's edition of Open Link Night.  Stop on by, have a few pints of verse and offer one of your own( look at it like it's a tip).


  1. All friends come and go, furry or otherwise, really like your take on this. As at times were are quite oblivious to that which goes in our yap, until we are actually forced to think about it. I guess for many ignorance is bliss, well the cat will just sit and hiss..haha Did you hurt poor Mary fracturing her little lamb?..haha

  2. No, poor Mary is fine.-lol I actually was just getting ready to post a few different pieces and this one got to me. I'm sure something influenced it, had to, it just came pretty much fully formed in concept. Well the ignorance part I know came from an essay I wrote a while back that I've been working on to post to my Hypothesis blog, but the rest kind of just came, quite unexpected I might add. Thank, glad you enjoyed the piece and yes sometimes Ignorance is certainly blissful.

  3. i like that stripping away of ballast and coming back to the real values..great metaphor with the farm life.. and when the work is done we focus on what really is important

  4. Sometimes the best work seems to come fully formed--great piece!

  5. Hey Fred - your pushing some well constructed imagery out with craft here my friend. excellent lines and ideas that really get threaded under my skin and as i leave they are still sinking in there HOOKS - and i like it.

    Big Up ^^^ poets

  6. the tangling at the end is a bit haunting though i like it fred...does it always come to mutilation...its hard when you get attached to your food source...i know this from the farm...and i think many of us have grown too far from it to really care....

  7. Oh--so sad. A really interesting piece. Unexpected, but really thought provoking. (Thank God I've been a vegetarian for years and years!) K.

  8. This is an excellent use of metaphor Fred--I'm of the school that believes they shouldn't be overly abstruse, but more clear cut, defined and...well, hammer like, in most cases, and that's how this one flows. I like the rather broken feel to the sentences and a certain animal-like quality to the POV, which only adds to the whole structure. Good piece. My pleasure to read it(and agree with it.)

  9. sometimes when i allow myself to think about some of my food sources, I lose my appetite :) you wove some really nice lines here

  10. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has some videos of the cruelty involved in meat processing, not for those who would rather remain in denial...