Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For Dragon's Blood

…And so the days of spring have ended
With the right to mend suspended
Healing vows rescinded
As winter comes we all have been sentenced
To a life without…dragon’s blood

…And so the sovereign ruler of all that is
Paces frantically the ins and outs of all that’s his
Broken hymns of praise now echo each end of the prism
As the numbers of the kingdom dwindle down to this
Where the graveyards once hallowed have since obtained fullness
In a world without…dragon’s blood

To the runes the leader dwells
Offers the deity’s his soul to sell
Despite the voices heard in rumored tells
He’s not the vicious ruler their words would spell
Something he knew must be unshelled
To alleviate the hell of damnation’s tolling bells
In a frozen realm, without…dragon’s blood

…And so, in a singular procession
The healthy venture out upon this final proposition
Where it’s not the strongest or the bravest aggregation
Set to live out their ritual of obligation
Led by the king they fought both snow and icy contradictions
Where the early indication offered the bleakest premonition
Yet forth they battled in a ruthless pursuit of obsession
For…dragon’s blood

The blood of the dragon, an elixir for every ill
Under the roughest scales, beast flesh lies still
Beneath tough skin, it’s here where the holy river fills
And to pierce the exterior only the sacred blade can spill
Else the blood of a dragon is but the blood of a kill
Prayers must be spoken as blades held high with deepest skill
Paying tribute to this ancient elder as blade meets sigil
Then holding tight before the flow, as a final thanks is paid to Yggdrasil
For providing…dragon’s blood  

It's Tuesday, and that means a fresh edition of Open Link Night over at D'Verse.  Make sure you stop on by to check out some wonderful poetry and while you're there share one of your own.  Cheers.


  1. dragons are such strong and powerful creatures...love the mythic mood in this...the dragons blood..the holy river...great structure and melody in this fred...

  2. Bartender! a pint of DB please - make it a double, i'm as thirsty as all hell!

    mythical whip - burns a lash

    cheers fred :)

  3. Awww... what a shame anything has to die for it's belief in its magic. I wonder if there once was a time when there really were dragons, too. I mean like huge lizards still look kind of prehistoric, also alligators do too. shame though that creatures have to die such as Tigers for their 'so called' sexual enhancing properties for men. Will we humans ever learn? I doubt it.
    Great writing Fred. Made me think for sure!

  4. Cool poem. I've always liked mythical poetry/tales, but it's rather challenging for my pen. You did a great job here - I like the rhyme scheme.

  5. nice...loving the end rhyme scheme you got going on here...you know for me this felt like the end of questing...when that last bit of magic is gone...and then i might pine for the battles of old and a little bit more dragon blood...well writ

  6. Fred! I LOVE this! Believe it or not I've some wicked dragon blood incense I like to burn when I cast the stones. (Slight rune obsession...sue me) Up my ally with spades on this one, Poet.

  7. "Alleviate the hell of damnation's tolling bells" That was grand the cat gives you a hand. Always enjoy your delving into lore and going on the drgon tour. You trying to show the cat up too? Look at all this rhyme that came due. Just made it more fun for me, here today at your sea.

  8. Really enjoyed this, the storytelling of the poem just swept me away. Very nice!

  9. Ah, the time of dragon's blood. You've evoked a time and place with feeing and imagination suited to its purpose. I think your choice of form, and handling of the meter is well done. It's good to hear the old myths told with such love and devotion.

  10. Nice! I love it. What a tale. :) It's rousing with heroic mood.

  11. Right up my world tree with this one Fred--great atmosphere and skillful construction. Loved it.