Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Septet of Angels

A septet of Angels,
Winged high,
Above clouded covers
                 Spindles drawing forth—
                  As each inch of fiber’s thread
                  Tightens distaff toward,
Appears the spectrum,
A vision absorbed,
As are the virtues—
Handed down,
Whole and true,
Pure in frame,
Like each the notes
Diatonically arranged


  1. Those angels sounds all nice and neat, with such whiteness all over their feet or should that be all high and mighty and sweet. Either way sure they are a treat. Wait until you see the new cover for book number three at my sea. I think your angel will be scared of mine..haha

  2. arranged like music...nice close on this...the passing down made me think on all the things we give our kids intentionally or not and perhaps how we see that or hear that song played out...