Friday, January 13, 2012

The Decline of the American Doorbell

Whatever happened to the days of the doorbell inspector?

that soul
little man-
the one that would come to you,
with nose in the air
glasses drifting back and forth
dependent only on the angle of neck tilt

He would come to your home
ring your bell...
if you answered
he'd collect his fare

if no one obliged his tolling
he would

It's been a long many days
and he believes
he must be
the only
with a working doorbell

to think, he once pitied the poor telephone dialer, the voiceless voice spinning the disc to gain the line, only to be hung up on, dial-tones and disconnect.

…and he's begun to construct an updated resume

as he heard that there may be an opening

in the department of oxygen.


  1. Ewww you made me think of the damn taxman with this one, reminding me that crap is coming up soon. Thanks for to electrify them with the doorbell.

  2. Biting piece. The ending is perfect (and hilarious). Really like this one.

  3. ha...made me think of door to door remember those? man they try that now they might get shot...i used to have to do house calls as a bill collector that was crazy...i am sure in our govt somwhere there is an oxygen manager...