Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Convergence

Angry Gnomes, Troglodytes and invisible assassins
Converge at blind-man’s hollow


Giant lush scene-stealing scenic-distemper engorges upon the valleys of lavender dream-like bursts of brush, seemingly from some planet yet to be named.  Tides too famous to appear here and now, have just come awash.  With an ever-alluring, pinch of crushing adoration, and a fickle sentiment of teenage-type, schoolyard infatuation swallowing me wholly, the water, caresses in a loving yet reverential fashion and it has since anointed every inch of me, blanketing my aperture in a cloud of foam and vegetation. 

Vin number…scratched away
Foreign symbols take their place
Spiders, legs for arms, arms for legs
         A disjointed sense of ownership
         Without a feasible trace of genealogy
         Someplace in the shell itself…
There must be something, anything
         That can help identify point of origin

Why bother, you might say?

Well…it’s important, that’s why.
And I know,
 This probably wasn’t the answer you had in mind

But at present…
It’s all I have.


  1. haha i like your is humorous and real...sometimes we have no better than that it is important...smiles....gnomes to vin numbers...smilss.

  2. Killer ending. And, I adore the word "aperture." Great write.

  3. Sometimes that is the best answer we have, for any other just would not do and the thought of all of those foes actaully coming after me, will cause me to hide in the bush with the crack at my sea.