Thursday, January 19, 2012

Playing the Victim Again (Blank_Space)

Carnivorous wrath
Gyrations stutter
As clenched teeth hold,
         Cervical spasms left to right
         Thrashing the victim in (Blank_Space)

Vulgar beast
Culturally devoid
Of couth

To the brig
I sentence thee
To the plank
I’ll walk along…

I’d do
Anything, anything
To escape
This nightmarish ride

Anywhere, anytime
Please allow me this flight 


  1. This for real would hurt, smack your head and blood would truly spurt. But I've seen whiners such as these, looking to gain the attention of even fleas. Pretending to ohh and ahh as attention whores are what they are.

  2. I had gotten into the habit of seeking for attention in the past and also seen it in some others, it's easy to fall into that hole and dig oneself deeper just so. The thing about creating tragedies imaginary or implied, they are self fulfilling. Nightmare ride? Don't get in with them.