Thursday, January 19, 2012


Where once velvet chords would tremor
Like the veils to the feather of a tungsten floor
Breaths of inhalations deep, slowly
Columned their way, unto
The secret side of inner peace

Today, a cold statue divides,
As would the wall if still erect,
Coinciding with the concept of birth and death,
To which delusionary visions have been known to house

I had grown so very fond of sound
It does not surprise me at all
That Amusia
Should strike
It’s deafening, defining blow….

Like so many curtain calls
Destruction tends to enjoy
Standing above
It’s bloodied prey.


  1. Ha! I got the meaning of the title from your verse, at first I was like what the, insert curse. Then caught the pitch and so no defect occured and I got it without a hitch. But then so violent too, yet destruction does enjoy such a view.

    1. Glad you were able to sort it out. Yep destruction does enjoy that view. Thanks

  2. I can't imagine living in a world of silence. Although I do hate it when anyone plays their music and its bass so loud it makes my walls vibrate.
    Another lovely write Fred.

    1. Thanks, yeah I couldn't really ever truly imagine a world without sound and music, I love it too much, it truly would be beyond terrible. I was reading a case studies about people suffering from Amusia and other hearing loss disorders and I thought I'd give it a spin poetically. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again

  3. somehow this reminded me of beethoven when he became deaf by the end of his life ...this must have been horrible for such a musical talent...well written fred..couldn't imagine a world without music..what a sad place this earth would be