Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last of the latest Haiku

Poetic scribbling
Interred forever after
As page captures blood

Of phenomenology
Garner cultish lore

The fatal flaw dwells
In our very tapestry
Fraying ‘til threadbare

With a Sustenance,
Fertile in frigidity,
The Heart never warms

When man chooses to
Put his trust in biting things
Often he bites too

If blinded by dream,
Do nightmares escape the mind?
Would we even care?

In the purest dance,
Moonlight’s halo spans around,
The floors airy night

To lay atop stacks
Logic speaks only of rest,
Not of laziness

 Well, this was the last of the Haiku's I had written here and there but never posted.  When I get some more amassed, Haiku/Senryu and Tankas I'll post them.


  1. Surprised you aren't all Haiku-ed out by now, there were a ton over the past few days and all were great. You weave them together every time, I think I'll stick to rhyme.

  2. Lots of interesting contrasts and parallels. No5 and the last one seems to stick with me. The last one in particular -- too often we are not allowed to rest, begs to the question is how much work do you have to be over or what justifies one to be allowed to rest without feeling (or made to feel) like one is slacking.