Monday, January 9, 2012

A Few Love Shorts

Thought I'd just freely play around with short poems regarding love today, well actually yesterday when I wrote it-lol  

Love is an invasion
A hewing of your hedge
An overthrow
Of deep seated philosophies
And policies to govern

Love is an invasion
Where the predator
Draws you close
By their voice
And their intonations
All the while,
Altering terrain

Can only be
By those possessed by
Can only be
By those it’s made cry
Here, before me now
The prettiest of angels
Enshrouding under wing
And in her, the softest tufts
Make me, never want to leave

To think, of the distance you’ve travelled
All for me
A journey like none other
A romance, penned by heart

And I swell
Just positing
My every emotion
As in each thought
I can think to make
A piece, is always
Forever attached to you

1 comment:

  1. Really lovey dovey today, err ummm yesterday. When love begins to rise certain things do swell, no Can be a wonderful thing and beats a fling. But too many nuts out and about there seems to be. So for now Pat and the cat is love free.