Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Feeding

Is it feeding time again?
         So soon, so soon
         So soon, so soon

Are you really hungry; is it really time?
Is your last digestion even done?

Glutton…Glutton, you pig
Stuffing-stuffing, again & again
You scream to feast, you cry to eat
Were the warnings right; are you truly a beast?

You curl your talons, sharp and straight
Saliva drips your mangled face
Heartbeats race as plate’s erased
It’s frightening to see
         The remains of a years harvest rest at your feet

Is it a case of metabolism notched too high?
Or is it a case of pure hunger, living deep inside?

How to quench; how to stop?
An appetite that rests for none
And I fear what shall become
When the rations end,
I cringe to be around you then


  1. This could be a statement as to the times we are living in as we all seem to be content to rape and pillage every resource, every thing that is pure and untainted. Consume, consume, consume, like animals with no minds to stop. You would think there was more than just our thumbs that separated us from the "animals" but I'm wondering...and I love your new pic...throws me for a loop! :) Hope you're rocking an awesome weekend!

  2. Thanks Tash, I like your interpretation, it completely fits into the sort of idea I had when I started writing this poem. I kind of felt as if that notion got lost during and after I finished, as so often happens for me, so I 'm glad you saw that idea and expanded upon it much more than I had thought about, and it works extremely well. Thanks. Glad you like the pic, sorry for the loop:) I've experienced similar loops several times chatting or visiting with at blogs online where pictures aren't really provided and then you see one and it didn't quite mesh with the mental picture you had created in your mind. I actually love when that type of thing happens too. Thanks again

  3. nice fred...consumption is def a problem in this day and age...and yeah what happens when we do run out...what is next...and sadly it seems that it is the middle class that is being feasted on right least here...

  4. Personally, I've gotten like that around festive season, constantly munching on goodies and sweets. Those are sharp words though, I don't think it's a case of fast metabolism for human beings who love to munch all the time -- it's the love of eating creating the habit of constant hunger. It's also interesting the question of eating -- is already time and if you are already hungry. We tend to do that, eat because it's tea time, or because it's lunch or some such, not because we are hungry.

    1. Raven, oh I'm like that all the time when it comes to food-lol but this piece is really more a metaphor. But I have to agree that the act of eating can be what you say and so much more. Thanks

  5. So true, we just keep on sucking back, at least North America does over and over again, which the repetition just emphasized ever more. Personally I don't have that problem with food or eating, as being a picky eater curbs that..haha