Sunday, January 22, 2012


From porticoes to parabolas
The distance-journeyed trails
A hewing sea of salted drives,

…The days of the shape-shift
Reaches portmanteau when
The facets of adventure’s experience
Culminates like a cross,
Splitting half-life
To half-death—
         Leaving a collated mixture-stirred
         Spreadable and clean

From balconies to arcing plots
There comes a molecule in time
Where the terminus has collected
All it can.

“Is that all?” said the observer standing by, “that can’t be all, can it now?”

To which the dreamer swiftly passed response, “ If one reaches terminus, then the journey has either ended or permanently stalled.”

{Sigh} does the stander-by, “But…”

Smiling slightly, the dreamer…”But…but of course, if the terminus has been achieved, the terminus has been achieved…but, if you are not satisfied with the journey’s conclusion, or feel like you’d desire some more, you…yes, you, any of you, can simply stand amidst your terminus…and challenge all of your calculations…by simply altering the schematics of that moment…and in its stead, build yourself a so the journey shall never end.”


  1. Making me look up words once more at your shore..haha...but yeah journeys abound in every way and doesn't matter the end, as they are a continuing trend. In one way or another something new will come along, even if one has to sing a different song.

  2. "by simply altering the schematics of that moment"

    That is awesome! What a great read!