Sunday, January 29, 2012


There’s been an enormous shift in crustaceous earth.
There’s been a radial procurement in alien craft discovery.
There’s been found to be, clandestine operations using radioactive ants, enlarged to the size of bison, which will attack upon command.

Strip away; strip away
The fraudulent,
Strip away; strip away
There’s a vacancy in covenant
Between man and his fellow man

And so the sparks fly
And a song has the melody, even the tonal qualities reminiscent of the beautiful ballads used as backdrop soundtracks to the most tender of the famous Hollywood kisses ever seen.
But the song, we soon find out, is for the lack of heart.
And the words, when listened closely, can be understood, to not symphonize love, but instead, to ode the darkest side of humanity, our hatred and our blight.

Between the lies and hate, somewhere in between, I still have faith in love and fate.  Deep inside, I still believe in the eternal dream.  I must, for if I should stop, then tell me, “What purpose is left to be?”


  1. Yep we strip and mow and do everything else and at times does see quite dire, as we continue to burn such a fire. But without hope there is little point indeed. I guess we have to try and look on the bright side, even if things don't want to give us much of one.

  2. i still have that faith and hope as well though at times it dwindles...that vacancy between men...def felt and true observation do we over come it...