Monday, January 9, 2012

Once, I thought

Once I thought I had all the answers,
But never did the questions form,
Now these questions haunt in me
For the answers are no longer found

Once I thought I had each them all
All the answers I thought I had them all
But now I know, I don’t have all the answers how I once thought,
And as for the questions, they too have been lost

Once I had all the answers,
But never did I have the questions,
The questions to sort out this ball of dust,
A place for each the answer to fall

Once I thought I had the answers
Each and every single one,
But now I know I don’t have the answers,
Not even the easiest of,

I have the answers; they’re here with me,
The answers are there, but just out of reach,
My fingers stretch out to grasp,
But they slip and fall and fade too fast

Once I thought I had all the answers
But now I know differently
         Now I know I’m but a man
         As insignificant as I’d ever feared to be

If only I had all the answers
If only I had the answers to
All the questions I now keep
All the questions haunting deep


  1. Oh how the tide turns, many think they have all the answers at one point or another, most grow out of it. Some tend not to though and those are the ones I hate, know it alls. But it is quite interesting what we start reflecting on when we no longer think we know it all, now you got my questions flowing..haha

  2. american idiot was good...i was being sarcastic to play on politics and american was awesome actually...

    as to this...there are no answers...just more questions...question to question to question...and i wish someone did have some answers...

  3. "As insignificant as I’d ever feared to be."

    I really like that.

  4. When all that you thought you know turns out in strange and unexpected ways suddenly, there are more questions than answers. Add a question mark at the end of those "answers" perhaps.

  5. If only we could wake up and remember what we have always known but have been forced to forget. Intriguing write, dear that gets this imagination running...the best kind!

  6. Insignificant? You, Fred? Balderdash! You and your poems are some of the most significant things on the web.

    I find with answers, as I stop seeking -- there they are! :)

    Happy day! You rock!!