Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Letter Q

It’s another linguistically infused crack of dawn
Where dream’s interrupted by the presence of word
Questions looming, high to
         That portion of the brain
         Where simply thought suffices urge

 Are there any words that end in Q?

With a quick bit of research, I came to find:


Suq, (var. souk) pronounced shook or sook, variant by the tongue, is a noun, a word to describe an open-air place of trade, as one could expect to see, in certain Muslim oriented tracts of land.

Talaq, is another word, derived from the Muslim speech, where it describes a method for divorce, according to Islamic Law

Tranq, is a shortened form for tranquilizer
Tsaddig/tzaddiq- a Hebrew term for a spiritual leader

Umiaq, is a boat made of stretched animal skins as such created by the Inuit people.

Then, to take this question a bit deeper, one would find there are names of people and places to which concludes the nouns. They are:

As seen in Inupiaq, a group of Eskimos, and the term for the language that they use

Or in Mi’kmaq, a variation of Micmac, a group of Native Americans that live, primarily in the provinces of Canada

And then Zia ul-Haq, a famous, sort of, Pakistani president, who was in power from 1978 to 1988

Last but not least, if we dig a little more, uncover some Abbreviations we will find.
Such as:
UNQ, the shorthand form for Unnilquadium, a word of Chemistry and/or Physics, to indicate the provisional name, given to the transuranic element using Atomic # 104.

GHQ or General Headquarters

GQ, or Gentleman’s Quarterly, an American Men’s magazine

And then, finally, we will see, CQ, which are the letters that do appear, at the start of radio broadcasts that are intended for all receivers to hear.

And so the brain was momentarily satisfied, and, allowed I was then, to close my eyes, and dream of lingual thoughts, which some may claim to be, in such a place, the voice of the unconsciousness, elicited through the somewhat coy sounds of clouds-at-hand.


  1. this will come in handy when i play scrabble next...i will remember to reference you when my wife protests...haha...missed you at OLN this week...

  2. So fun when such questions arise that you just have to go and answer. This is one I never even thought of before though. Guess I've been schooled on Q haha

  3. You sound like you sleep about as well as I do!

  4. smiles...nice... and now my mind is spinning if there are any german words, ending with a q... but think i need to dig a bit deeper..