Friday, January 20, 2012

Of, and Pertaining to, the art of Sleep

Clotted signals from blisters deep
Emote sparks upon listless tongues

         The time of sparrows has come to pass
                  In hibernation, like the pharaoh,
                           The clock now sleeps

Tropical endorsements overheard
         Amidst somniloquy’s fragmented reverie
         Through distant visions clear here-now
                  Sedentary whispers submit the frame
                           To the turns of Solstitial dream

Of, and pertaining to, thoughts accrued
         During slumber’s folly evermore

1 comment:

  1. Hibernation like a pharoh was a nice touch, to bad I can't do the lately much and get a little here and there. Yeah in some of my dreams I even swear. Lately at stupid blogger it seems, it's even infected by did have one about dumb blogger too.