Friday, January 27, 2012

Parkside Girl (Gameday Skate)

Faded jeans,
Dark Home Roy #9
A multi-colored backpack,
Like the kind you’d find in school

Long brown hair with braids adrift 
Out from beneath that old green Rastafarian headwear
Skips from the road up through the hill
Dispersing dewdrops with her steel-tipped toes

On the path she walks the side again
Five steps forward in cyclical succession
Pause.  Observe. Understand.  Spin around.  Breathe and count to 10
This could be everyday…this could become routine to take this all in

Squinted smile on a barefaced pale
She winces as she streamers past the trees
Waving gently to the squirrel within
Up the bark that’s come to life…

Scurrying…scurrying through the disco painted leaf shade light
11 times she’d leap high to sky…like a baby bird’s 1st real flight,
 On a lark, whimsy free…not caring how soon the night turns dark
It’s in the nature all around…where if one looks, one will be found


  1. fred i just love this one...may be among my favorites of cool...i SAW her... this is just awesome

  2. Sound just ducky, as she is all happy go lucky and quite plucky, maybe she met Bucky O'Hare, you know he goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare? Just footloose and fancy free, nice to see.