Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Blank Stare

Aligned nowhere
The times have changed
The criteria’s rearranged
I’m left in blank stare

My memories of you
Are bent, my thoughts are lost
As you aren’t similar to the one I once knew

Your memories of me
Erased from within
As if I never existed previously

Two sides to a coin
Head to heart
Tails we start
Always disconnected, forever conjoined

The sand has shifted below
The storm’s splitting in
Dissociation just won’t let go
So again…in hell we swim


  1. interesting stuff the contrast between your memories and theirs...this would be pretty scary if it was your spouse that no longer remembered you...dang hard...

  2. Memories are a fickle thing, sometimes we wish we can forget, but I think I'd rather remember everything even that bad. For if you forget then you might go and do it again. Makes us who we are no matter the flip of the coin, good or bad they are needed by every lass and lad.

  3. Sometimes we have to swim those hellish waters eh, to get to the shore of peace and much better places.

    one of your best, to me, Fred!

  4. Very cool write. I particularly like the "two sides to a coin" stanza.