Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tethered Floe

scantily clad—
amidst the direst of conditions—
as dead heats flare

an ice-bled blush—
pinks, whites and lavenders—
erupting loose the triaged carousel

once tousled, vain and empty,
now similar basins sting in stirred
repeals of fluidity

as drains of hopeful restitution watch,
enlightened glaziers form the ringlet’s pond—
though terse, respectful still—
of that which the flowered petal’s stem
has to offer

a variance of interpretations,
emboss the torn glimmer’s
layered tiers—caressing
intermingled pools—

rainbow flavored flooding
displaced by streams
of glacial floe

append the scansions
of latticework—
once built upon
tethered spines
of dreams


  1. ok i wont claim to understand it completely...lots of interesting imagery...and interesting progression as well from hot to cold to rainbows and dreams...the last stanza kinda helped me see it for what it was in the imagery above it...

  2. I like your word play and your images of cold... Ice-bled blush..whew ~

    Thanks for visiting my blog during the Haiku Challenge. I appreciate your support.

  3. Stuck to our wants or desires holding us down as we don't look elsewhere and stayed tethered to them, not accepting anything else that could be better. That's what I took away from your verse, very true too. As unfiltered we try to be but are weighed down and filtered, even in an unknowing capactiy.

  4. Tethered suggest being stuck in a limited space, such that the only way go is to build layer upon layer. Floe is making me see thin layers of ice, slippery sliding over each other and such, bending, blending, creating what might be a rainbow range of ideas or properties. Interesting to read. :)