Sunday, February 26, 2012

Apocalypse Failed

honeycomb craters
unhindered by the
vacuous charm

circumference barren lots

molten display—
earth aflame

machismo died
in the face of wisdom

…and we cuddled close—
shivering silent, huddled still

above the dining wood,
plates filled, utensils primed

abdominals stifled
by sounds beyond

in what felt like lifetimes,
motion thawed locked bone

breakfast-long past cold,
devoured swift

deafness lingered minutes long
curiousity prompts opened eye

seeing a variety of ghosts
now walking the aftermath

nausea sickens the retraced path—
yet alive we stand; together still


  1. Your psychic powers were at play today, just got done watching Supernatural at my bay. So yeah the apocalypse did fail, like how machismo died through wisdom, does tend to be the case a lot of times. Especially if you know those dirty rotten little green men are coming with their probes..haha

  2. This is chilling. I really like "motion thawed locked bone."

  3. somehow there are lots of emotions in it several times and they seem to walk like ghosts between the lines..not yet really palpable..but def. felt..

  4. i read this last night...and i came back to it...i like together in the end...i wonder too if this speaks to our moments of apocalyse or drawing near through out our the end we are still together and that is important...i guess it is all in the learning not to repeat the retraced paths.

  5. It ends with realization that we are still here after the fire. Wagon sized foot prints smoldering destruction. Saw the survivors slowly coming back, not knowing how long they've been hiding there, then realizing they are hungry -- so fundamental, so basic. The steps of reawakening. Comforting end, alive and realizing the connection.