Thursday, February 16, 2012

Properties of Being/ A Swallowing Force

Collagen, et al…

Three hundred and fifty,
more or less,
complexities fuse; connect
   to form the shell

neural pathways spark
firing in rhythmic frustration

There is more; there is much more,
all of which can be explained,
rearranged and explained again

But there is always a question to explore,
what’s & how’s flood the premise, and
most probably will, for forever more.


a mass of
this element or that
irresistible force,
impossible To outlast
repetitive and automatic,
circumstantially unknown
the spiral column embraces visibility
process of removal by aspiration, by force
an action, a condition, an unfortunate attraction,
attracting all items within its force-filled path,
 by a differential in pressure, bringing towards,
around and around and around, spinning
water, fire and/or wind
forcefully whirling
Vortex, eddy, tourbillion
ravaging, ravaging
to avoid
agitated, ever-agitated
all consuming


  1. very nice... love that you shaped part two like a vortex....and it kinda sucks you into the wordstream...reads faster and faster... this is very cool fred....There is more; there is much more,....and always questions...and never enough answers it seems..

  2. A whirling dance of words. Love the shape of the second part. Much like a tornado would look like. Very deep and so many wonderful lines but this: 'attracting all items within its force-filled path' stayed with me.

  3. def a nice rip fred...nice concrete effect as well...i see the shell...def nice on the pacing...claudia nailed some of my fav parts to the wall already...

  4. We could explore fifty live times and still be right back where we started and finally be a bit more light hearted. Knowing in the vastness of this and that and everything else out and about. We will never know everything so why pout? Agitation is a pain though, especially if it's a person doing it to you, but that you know..haha

  5. Nice pacing of your words...I felt I was in that vortex spinning

    These are my fav lines:

    But there is always a question to explore,
    what’s & how’s flood the premise, and
    most probably will, for forever more.

  6. Like Claudia said, the second part really pulls you in with its sensation of motion. Really cool, Fred!