Friday, February 3, 2012

The Dire Prophecy

The foreshadow approaches,
When the pugilist loses will to fight
When the vampire thirsts for light,
The foreshadow encroaches

The premonition nears
When the activist ignores cause
When the seer can’t see so far
The premonition appears

The augur looms
When the loyalist loses allegiance
When the philosopher abandons reason
The augur brews

The dire prophecy closes in
When the atheist begins to care
When priests abandon prayer
The dire prophecy begins

Yet still, this doesn’t mean
Our world has to end


  1. Always comes a time with no reason or rhyme when all have some sort of question at their hall that they ask about their beliefs. Some events can easily have them preaching a different tune, although most prophecies are a load of crap. Vague enough that anything can be attached.

  2. If anything is to be learned from those lines, is to expect the unexpected. Or more like: don't expect to be able to expect anything.

  3. sadly many of these signs are already seen...but it does not have to can change...maybe these are the birth pains of the new...