Monday, February 20, 2012


lush upholstery—
silver coin buttoned trim,

A violent submersion—
evoking shadow’s sight

stucco-spattered ceiling white—
diffusions scabrous tainting’s scrawled

retro accents paneled walls
daggering deep the squelched shield

behind a glassy pane, a clockwork’s revealed
praying for the cuckoo’s song

sixty minutes long—
paid to see …

What kind of bad or crazy I must be…


  1. smiles...enjoy that couch time...and we pay to be on who it is it may help or not...smiles...

  2. Hit a grim note here for sure, as the therapy of the mind can be a fickle thing. Such acts come that some can stow away and keep going but many the case there are those acts and/or people that none should bare witness too. But thanks to some nutjob they are out there.

  3. That's really interesting -- a reference by splitting the word. Suggestion resentment to the experience, probably unpleasant, violent ripping into a private space. Coming off traumatized in the end too I would imagine. I wonder sometimes if therapy makes things worse for some instead of better.