Monday, February 6, 2012

Hiccuping Dixie

Vertical hiccups
         Belching brief

Sardonic slip-ups
         Clotted clean

Catatonia, deepest sleep
Confronting devastation
And its never changing jawline

Sudden-swift, the tension drifts
From comatose to aggravated assault
Upon the sensing fluidity

A liquid, tastes a bit like water—
Funny, cause it says its water—go figure!
One, two, three, four/ seconds pause—
& Cascade quenches parchment/ Hiccups no more.


  1. Like how that first bit just slips off the tongue. But those damn hiccups make me feel like I'll pop a lung, only get them every once in a while but they sure can be vile. As for life's hiccups can't really avoid those, as away the river flows and when there are no more you're pretty much at the shore.

  2. Sardonic slip-ups
    Clotted clean

    these areas are when I see your work really in its element (not that other aspects are poor!). The wordplay, smithery, and cogent, pithy phrasing that almost certainly contains subtext.