Saturday, February 4, 2012


Bluest blues bless unique
when the water carrier kindly speaks

Eccentric turquoise travels with
A star of hope that spans the air

Filled with pleasure
from novel dreams

Elated independently
as with the strength of solitary waves

Yellowest yellow seen from far
Brightly shining passion spark

At one, it appears, to those in observation
The land, the sky, the submerged unseen

All filled with glory; all gifts owed protection
From time.  From mankind

When change appears, fear does not set
The wilder the shift, the stronger the aquarian gets

Four.  Four. Four. Four.
For discipline as Saturn would

Four. Four. Four. Four
For Idealism and unpredictable planetary glow

To learn, to experience, to eventually know
For all things new, an objective smile perks in you

Some may see coldness emanate from your frame
but as is with any, it's typical for contrast to cast a claim

Some may shake their head, as fanaticism frantically blooms
but what they may not see, is a pure desire for world prosperity

So appealing in love many find
Yet your darkest secret is, perhaps,
an uncomfortable understanding of personal identity

and so you search…
and so you seek…

A sense of purpose is forever in queue
Changing seconds after the present goal is through

Intuition joined with reason
Using intelligence and experience
To better the place for all

Compassionate paradox
always thinking forward
always challenging the status quo


  1. So colorful today, as would be your speech if you said that first line three times fast..haha Wondered when your next one of zodiac verse would come along, once more giving the facts and beating the gong. Aquarius surely isn't me, but challenging the status quo I will do at my sea. So rhyme too, got a smile but not sure I can be objective between me and yoy..haha

  2. Glad to see a new zodiac poem. :) The emphasis on "four" -- numerology term representing practicality and other characteristics subscribed to the number? To keep to that in the face of changes? Very interesting to ponder.

  3. Thanks, I actually forgot I had written the other three and then I happened to see the one book I have on birthdays a few days ago and I was reminded lol Glad you both enjoyed the piece, raven nice catch on the numerology reference. Pat, don't cats always challenge the status quo, what I've always believed anyhow lol Thanks