Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Otherwise Empty Parking Lot Outside An Institute of Higher Learning

Volatility unprovoked
First comes fire
Then there’s smoke

It’s in this hell that I awoke
Bludgeoned, tired
On aggression, I slowly choked

The cement, crimson soaked
Left with air as my sole desire
All regrets were then evoked

It was here I softly spoke
Yet each world only grew their rage higher
And they laughed…
As if this all was but a joke


  1. Tons of rhyme, that's the only thing fun in this chime. For none of that bullying crap is grand. Yet it's done all over the land and people sit and laugh at it when truly they are the nitwit. Pathetic when the parents teach their kids or let them do it too and pretend everything is alright and that is something their kid would never due, pffft right.

  2. ugh...nice meter man...sad tale...i lived this as a young guy being a late developer...dont put up with it anymore...esp if i see it...