Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Conspiracy of Crows

There’s a conspiracy growing amongst the crows
One’s cause seems to drown in sorrow
While another’s destined to fall the sky

There’s too much suffering in the lips
Quivering for the touch, that only a key can give
Yet failed attempts have broken clean,
Leaving but fragments
Unworthy of the purse

There’re shackles and chains
The kind that bind
Limbs down
To circulatory death

There’s a conspiracy growing amongst the crows
Yet, is the cause still myth, if truth it tells?

I’ve always wondered, why some birds climb steps,
When all they had to do is fly 

This piece is another one of those pieces where I took some leftover lines I had scribbled down and put them together.  A bit choppy yet I think the metaphor continues through.  I was actually shocked I had two scraps about crows, (psst..the second one I changed the first part of the sentence to fit this piece though, originally it read circling do the crows)  Anyhow, just an explanation, of sorts 

1 comment:

  1. Wow was surprised you had two about crows too, I guess there were many to view or they just curl your toes as they go through your trash causing you woes. But yeah worked well once more at your shore and flying takes to much effort sometimes, so a hop up a step makes more sense, I guess.