Sunday, February 12, 2012

Alien Poetry

Branct bes lon shiro
Hight bels bron levra
Shillig somee
Shillig somee
Stin verd caht poatme
Gresh pel coe nibo

Ghroa Groa
Comt cayn croe

Aiii Aeee
O, aiii iiio
Li, donh donh dohn
Li, donh, donh, dohn
O, alli iiio
Aill Aeee

Ghroa Groa
Comt Cayn croe ven

Anyhow, I hope this didn't cause too much dismay.  I also hope nobody went over to a translation program attempting to figure out what all these words actually mean.  Over at D'Verse, a week or so back, I wasn't able to partake in their discussion regarding martian poetry.  I thought the topic was pretty neat but, for whatever reason, I just couldn't get anything down.  Now, what I've written here is a complete deviation from what they were trying to get at with the prompt, but that thought stuck with me regardless.  So, I thought why not create a poem out of an alien, or more aptly, a made up language altogether.  While meaning will be what the reader wants it to be, which, for me, is, for the most part, what poetry is actually about, but there is a structured end-rhyme here, which I thought, if this alien poetry idea was to work, it would need for any type of flow to come about.  

Anyhow, just a little experimentation as the snow inhabits the sky.

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  1. Such a fun experiment too that came due. Not going to even try to decipher any meaning behind it, other then enjoy the little diddy you lit. For it is truly martian like. Tell those damn aliens to take a hike.