Thursday, February 2, 2012

Castration of the Metaphor

Scarring the asthenosphere
With rigid transmittances of verse
Overplayed, like dead tin slithering about
A plate tectonically abused metallurgy

By the barley dried abut the faucet
Prairie dancing dew slips the downward tract
In balanced beat—
Upon the heads of the now nutrient depleted
Penitent children of whom the porcelain queen
Left aside the causeway,
Freshly pressed yet left for dead,
Without sufficient explanation,
Regarding the gravity of err they bled.

Myopic dystopia of a collared fringe,
Frayed through the repetitious rasp of indigence,
Askance, the salimeter sniffs for beheld tears
Barred to breathe reparation’s tactility,
A position ever urged,
By the being’s self-perceived reputational frailty
Enervated by the numbing insentience
The anesthetized shell of corrupted assurance
Yields its agony from residual tokens
Ceded when dissociation subjugated the hopeful voice

The sanguineness
And the slowly played snooker shot
Unavailingly introducing, in the most bashful of regards,
Frenetic castration to the world of aspiration and song


  1. I actually knew all the words and what they meant. Many made me think of Fringe, got done watching season three on dvd, so that is probably why..haha. Plus you said it plain is day in another way. Also seems to go well with the turkey, as he would surely like to castrate some words, those damn birds. The title was grand too, many great word depections througout this verse, snooker and pool another thin line inbetween that makes some curse.

  2. haha you had me at the title...and...Overplayed, like dead tin slithering about
    A plate tectonically abused metallurgy
    great sounds and tastes in this...some really neat visual elements as well...

  3. "Freshly pressed yet left for dead." That's awesome. Incredible imagery.

  4. goodness..what a write...great images and the title left me sitting with an open mouth and high expectations...which were all fully fulfilled...