Friday, April 8, 2011

Apocalypse must Wait (Mythic Series Volume Eleven)

To the bridge we made our way,
Silent and calm would not stay,

Soon blood would fill the air beneath,
The sky filled with nasty beast,

And this mangled sum,
Must defeat, prevent the battle from loss,

Seize the motion, here at this gate,
For all mortals and God’s alike,

Ragnarok will come if fail we do,

Then, as I still was in contemplation,

Men came from the other side,
Swaying their might to and fro,

Bearing advice for us to go,

I instructed these sentries well,

Our presence was of Godly design,
I apologized for their lack of knowledge,

And bore no will or malice,
Instead would find it helpful to defend Asgaard

Alongside this spectacular crew,

These guardians proud and wise,

Detected my words as lies,
Convince them I could not,

Surely our mission was not these fine men,

I explained our purpose once again,

Stated as such we would not go,
And so they chimed once more,

Leave our face the wrath of lore,

A standoff for many years,

Between the giant guardians and our clan,
But then from the North avalanche was heard,

And from the South flames ensued,
From the west creatures still,

To the east the worst of ills,
Converging in one last event,

For this I explained was why we were sent,

The guardians spoke one last time,

Stated we would stand as one,
Until the darkness was no more,

But then upon that point,
We would then become the last to smote,

I had no choice but to agree,

Without their arms we would match poor,
And in unison the beasts emerged,

So many demons,
I knew only few would emerge,

Then I pulled my double axe,
And so the song began,

Spinning in the air, Guardians and man,

Fire in the sea, Man and Guardian,
On the earth for where we stood,

Man fought best as could be earned,

Besieged from each and every side,

Our victories to this point
Dwindled when compared to what was left,

Fought we had and each his wounds,
Many dead, many tombs to build,

But then it looked like the end was near,
Suddenly the Gods themselves emerged,

To which all men and Guardians lit their face,

Nothing could match this force now,

Orc to elf, Giant to serpent,
Each and every one did fall,

Victory itself revealed itself,
Joy came forth, pride filled us all,

As the men were celebrating with the Gods
Helten was called from the crowd,

A name I had forgot I knew,
A moniker that long since went,

As a child I was called this name,
My mother held and my father called,

Yet he was not there growing up,
But seeing the one to call,

All holes in my arc were filled,
Loki was my creator,

My father, my maker,
Then I knew, even as such he had left,

Too many miracles my life had happed,
Too many unknown bearers of gifts sent,

Perhaps this is why I had a side for war,
Like no mortal I’d met before,

I’d often dream myself a God,

But now I stand before one now,
I swelled in joy and terror,

It was not the God I had dreamed back long,
I had always felt a connect with Thor, Odin’s son,

Instead it was the Other, Loki the trickster,
And yet amongst regret, I felt complete,

Whole as any other point in my time,
I went to him as swiftly as these ragged legs would take,

But then I felt a blow to my head,
I paused, then stopped, then fell to my knees,

What creature did we not end,
Who could be the one to end me dead?

I turned and saw the face of the Guardians,

Together as they did warn they would,
Loki came to my side,

Son he swelled from deep inside,
And in such a moment Loki did cry,

That moment I did die.

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