Saturday, April 9, 2011

Helten's Song (Mythical Series Song of Remorse and Joy)

There I lay in this boat,
Arms crossed pure I float,

Votives each round the frame,
Sails half-mast surrounding cay,

As mortals, which still myself do I claim,
Watch until sea touches flame,

For mankind I travel this journey’s end,
Times of never ending peace, I pray for thee,

That from my smoke truth does awake,
And from my life, what’s left to give,

I pray you all grow old and live,
Make generations of men,

Generations more of women,
Live long and peaceful,

Yet always living in each your hearts,
The richness within tradition,

All the while living with Viking conviction,

Helten, Son of Loki and a mortal maid,

A thousand and thousands more,
Breathed Viking air eternal,

With bravery and a tongue to wit,
A blessed soul with immortal lines,

Yet war he waged in Asgaard’s honor,
Less he knew of his own tie to it,

For glory, and honor,

For violence or for peaceful ends,
His service, his devotion,

His vigor and emotion,
He loved with passion,

And swung his axe towards ill reactions,
Yet peace was what he desired,

More so than the calling battle craves,
The scent of flesh unwrapped into the air,

The feel of dust colliding in the air,
The no time for sympathy in the field,

The memories over spirits shared,
Helten, was all and more of these,

Helten the brave was he,

Thanks to Loki for his loins,

Thanks be to those Gods in the sky,
Watching, waiting, protecting, rewarding,

He the gift from immortals love,
Let mankind take notice now,

Let Helten’s service teach us well,
Each shall take their own memento,

But none should forget his cry to battle,

Men, my limbs, my friends,

Fight beside you now I will,
Until victory or lack of breath,

Tonight, I look very much
Towards feast and lust,

But more should we take from him,

His civility towards all,
Viking, man, creature or barbarian,

Learn we all his rarest gift,
Remember close how he would say,

My clan, my brothers,

This is our land, this the Gods have agreed,
We should honor them in the sky,

In our memories and through our lives,
But the God’s would not stand for idle death,

One man down, ten thousand tears will fall,
In such I urge you all,

Do not fight for fighting’s sake,
Do not let ignorance your grave mistake,

Observe the field before you plunder,
Identify the who and what,

Prior to filling the sky with blood,
Only once your scope is honed,

And in your heart there can be no other tone,
Then we as one shall roar,

And war remember, is like life,
Brevity in duty leads to longevity of night,

So attack with might, May you allows,

Seek their spot so soft and meek,
And ram your sword down throats of these,

Helten shall burn this night,
Tonight he shall journey his final flight,

Tomorrow as you look up in the sky,
Over the nine our hero, I assure will be watching,

Hordes of Viking warriors,

Hordes of Viking men,
Raise you blades towards the sky,

And with your blades laud him high,
And allow one heroes legacy,

Live ages longer and many more,
Let his lessons teach and give,

And permeate the annals of Viking lore,
Viking men, old and young,

Remember dear the song Helten sung.

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