Sunday, April 10, 2011

Coral Bark

Coral Bark
Bedlam anew,

Twigs and berries,

Unripe and used,
Criteria for consumption,

Validated by belief and devotion,

Poke around a bit,

Before you choose,
Kick the wheels,

Analyze where this will take you to,

Do not allow other’s visions

From clouding your own,
Snap judgments are immature,

Typically producing negative returns,

To bomb a nation is ignorance in personified strife,

Delving out unjust action to innocents,
Those unaware they were even at war,

To confront an unarmed neighbor,
An abomination best left unstated,

Coral bark-from shades of blue to greyest light,

Sparkling chords, broken in a ray of might

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