Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dialectical Improprieties (The Razing Of The Kaleidoscope)

Bludgeoning the pursuit
Parabola in disrepute
Lies, shills, burning through
Core amendments digress
Upon a lot of all things hirsute

Every day problems magnify with poverty
Every illness is a damning edict, a death
Sentence, when you cannot medicate, a
Torment to live in such an infernal state

Aspect telemetry
A vision of Gethsemane
Hypnogogic resumes
Bio-energetic mediums
Served cold by flustering hypocrisies

Wretched septet
Barbarian bee
Caustic diadem
Procurer of persistently consistent migraine economies
Tamping down what could have been
In some other facet, convoluted by and then stirred to ease digestive properties…. wistful preoccupations or
Another enduring scapular placed upon
The neck bone of an otherwise removed staple of productivity

For these genes—
False representative to the sea—
Waving to the minions below,
Bellowing inconsiderately
At his entourage, who cast
The vain impression, that
They are far above the
Polities of repressiveness

Forced frenetic scapegoat cur
Born of a plebe with better bite than bark
Kindred kiss,
Like kissing yourself, but better, much, much better

Kismet is stolen
Fate is betrothed to the enemy of wherewithal
And the bushes are on fire,
The damn bushes are on fire…again…what the…

Coalesce in my arms
Heal as my aura rebuilds you as you were,
Perfect, in ever sense

And if you choose to live—indeed it’s life you’ll have—
Free of debt, there’ll be no chains, no entitlements, no
Rigors latched to blame, no dirty shackles constraining flow,
Nothing, nothing like that at all…just free, forever free, to go as far or near, as high or low, whenever, wherever—even if those places don’t include me

And if you choose to die—I will grieve so much; the tears will smother the ceilings with their ebbs and tides…

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